Monster Mash

Are you going crazy with nothing to do with your kids? Do they keep asking what you are doing or when you are going to play with them? Since Halloween is coming up I have an activity that you can do with the whole family that can fix the boredom of being home. This activity will require many items, but most can be found inside your home.

Art play can be a numerous number of things from painting, to coloring, to cutting and pasting as well. Art is not only fun to create it has great benefits for children as well! Art play can help develop a child’s fine motor skills, cognitive development skills, math, and language skills.

So, what is the monster mash, you might be asking. Well it is a name for an arts and craft activity that is fun and has so many ways to be creative. You can change this activity to make as simple or as detailed as you want! You know your own child’s skill level and you can simplify as much as you would like.  The items you will need are

  • Tissue Box (Any small box will do)
  • Paper towel rolls (optional)
  • Paint/ Construction paper (Or both)
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Glue/ Tape (Hot glue works best)
  • Various decorating materials: markers, googily eyes, pipe cleaners, feathers, buttons, etc…

The first step is to paint the box or paste colored construction paper all over it. This gives the box a nice background of color to decorate and not a plain brown. The next step if you chose to do this step is to paint or color the paper towel rolls and cut or design them however you would like. The last step is the best of all the steps, take all the extra decorating materials you have an go crazy! If you don’t have googily eyes you can make eyes with marker and construction paper.

Ways Monster Mash helps development =>

Fine Motor Skills: Grasping the different materials like the markers and scissors help the fine motor muscles get stronger. This can help your child with writing, buttoning a coat, and other tasks that require precise movement.

Cognitive Development: Monster Mash can help with practice skills such as cause and effect (ex. If I put this feather in the glue and wait, the feather will stick to the box). They can also practice critical thinking skills by creating a picture of what they want to do and following their idea.

Math Skills: Understanding size, shape, making comparisons, and counting.

Language: As your child describes their artwork and how they got there helps develop new vocabulary.

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